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I'm a long-time searcher. Having been born and raised in the Mormon church #exmo - I left the church at 22 and set about to understand life... at 22 :-) lol

I started off in the New Age movement and opened a New Age store in Claremont, CA, with my sister, Elizabeth. I read all the books of the day - in 1993, we had Terry Cole-Whittaker, Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, and Richard Bach, among others. These were exciting days, full of new thoughts my Mormon girl mind would not have conceived of on her own.

Through the years, I read and studied everything from Wicca (a solitary practitioner for 4 years) to Eastern Religions, doing my best to amalgamate all the philosophies into something that felt *right* to me. Eventually, I was introduced to Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and more along those lines.

I continued to mix my own elixir of thoughts and ideas, introduced quantum physics and meditation, seeking that eternally elusive knowing that would finally *stick* and bring me the inner peace I'd been seeking for so long.

Life marched on and brought me TikTok... and a young woman screaming from her backyard, "Everything's made up!" And something just clicked.

They say you have to hear something 17 times to cement it in your being/mind. For me, I think it was about 17,000... but it arrived.

Thus Soul Simple was born. We DO, in fact, get to choose our perspectives. Yes, the subconscious ones are beaten into us through our childhood environments. But, if you're ready to get matter-of-fact about the whole thing and really maintain your personal power, Soul Simple is the way to do it.

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